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New Year’s Resolutions or NOT!

As the New Year approaches each year, I struggle with New Year’s resolutions. I know, the New Year has already started; I am still coming to terms with all the resolution business. Normally, making a list of resolutions is just not my thing. In the past, I would dutifully write my list and TRY to keep them. According to statistics, most people don’t keep them past the first month is not the first week. That was me! So out went the resolutions. But I still always feel that tug I should make some kind of commitment for the year.

So this year I decided to do something different. My epiphany — it doesn’t have to be a list of ‘things’ that I want to accomplish for the entire year! A list that usually gets lost in the shuffle of papers after a few days. I need something that I can say to myself each day to remind myself of the things I want to do. If I have a beginning phrase, something that I could type up (hang up on my desk, mirror, and refrigerator etc. so I will see everyday) then I could add my own ending each day. For example, if the beginning statement was, “Go for…” I could add my own ending. Go for a walk. Go for lunch. Go for a massage. You get the idea?

Next I would need to come up with something that would stimulate a significant ending. “Go for” was not very stimulating or motivating. It had to be something that would get the creative juice flowing to try something new and step out of my comfort zone on a regular basis. Additionally this phrase needed to be the call to action for a daily reminder that there were things I wanted to accomplish each day.

I could try the Nike motto, “Just Do It”. But that’s been over done. What about, “Today is the day you will…..”? or “Make time”? or “….Make it so”? Then I found this little sign on the internet.



Perfect! My phrase would be….. “MAKE YOURSELF”

This will give me the push I need to make myself better AND make myself take action.

So, I am feeling pretty good about my newly discovered method of starting the year. What do prefer? Resolutions? To Do lists? Neither? Or maybe that perfect catch phrase!

I’ll keep you posted on how all this works out!


Getting Enough Nutrition? KISS Yourself


You’ve heard of the acronym K.I.S.S. It stands for Keep It Simple Sweetie (or Stupid, it’s up to you). Everyone makes getting the proper levels of nutrition hard. No matter what fad diet is out there, they over complicate it so that everyone is confused. No one knows what to eat anymore. It’s just all so confusing.

One person says eat 30 bananas a day. Another person says avoid all wheat products. The next says you can only eat 1200 calories per day. The list goes on and on. It can get downright frustrating trying to be healthy. But, the truth is, nothing is more simple than getting enough nutrition so that your body can benefit and become healthier than ever.

Eating nutritionally and being healthy boils down to this:

  • Avoid Processed Food
  • Avoid GMO Products
  • Avoid Added Hormones
  • Eat As Close to Nature As Possible
  • Drink Plenty of Filtered Tap Water
  • Move Around Every Day
  • Rest

In truth if you are always eating as close to nature as possible the first three are easily taken care of. Then you just need to stay hydrated, move, and rest. How easy is that? Nothing can be easier than eating highly nutritious foods. And, nothing is simpler for your body than digesting those healthy foods and getting the nutrients out of those foods. Your body is designed to do that. Nothing at all complicated about it.

The other fact is that you don’t even have to be perfect to reap the rewards of a nutritious lifestyle. If you just do the right thing 90 percent of the time, you’ll pretty much get close to reaping 100 percent of the rewards. That means that 10 percent of the time you can indulge, in moderation, in so called off limit foods and be fine.

Deprivation is a thing of the past when you focus on abundance, adding in things instead of subtracting, and not making it difficult. You don’t have to be a 5 star chef to put nutritious healthy meals on the table each night and to offer an abundance of healthy snacks. You also don’t have to be rich.

Keep It Simple Sweetie.