Falling In Love With Fall!


FALL!  As someone who loves the sun, it’s amazing how this season of Fall can be one of my favorite seasons.  It brings out the best in everyone.  As we reminisce about those long summer days, we also look forward to those cozy chilly evenings by the fire.  What is it about Fall that we all love?  Here is a list of things that I love BUT don’t be shy – send me your list too!

1.  The crisp chilled mornings
2.  The beautiful colors of the leaves
3.  The smoky fire scent
4.  The crystal clear blue sky
5.  The frosted coated leaves of the morning

6.  The incredible, perfectly woven spider webs

7.  The delicious, colorful pumpkins

8.  All the shapes, sizes and colors of squash and gourds
9.  Soup
10.Comfort foods
11. The scent of home baked goodies
12. Artistic sunsets
13. Evenings by the fire
14. Cozy warm blankets
15. Snuggling
16. Little visitors dressed up in unique costumes seeking sweets
17. Corn mazes
18. Pumpkin patches
19. Jumping in the piles of leaves
20.Crisp apples
21. The sound of geese honking as they fly south
22. Apple cider


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